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Type of Business: Supplement manufacturer
Service Menu: Short-term retainer-based PR service
Objective: To build product awareness by attracting publicity
To draw traffic to e-commerce site by creating buzz on Web & social media
Content of
Created base for product effectiveness awareness through TV tie-in
Conducted media presentation to attract publicity
Created buzz on social media with the cooperation of beauty related opinion leaders
Strategic Point: Narrowed user advantage to beauty effect upon context formation, centered communication around beauty related opinion leaders


Type of Business: Local government/tourism
Service Menu: Retainer-based PR service
Objective: To raise awareness of tourist destination among travelers
To create concrete image of local specialty and tourist destination and increase awareness of benefits
Content of
nvited media to FAM trip which led to a large-scaled special feature exposure on tourist destinations
Arranged tie-up with travel site and implemented a voting campaign to create tourism product
Implemented outdoor PR events (in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou), and conducted questionnaire surveys on tourist destination
Acquired news coverage on media through campaign press conference
Distributed press releases featuring tourist information on a periodic basis to continuously attract publicity
Strategic Point: By collecting information on targets’ needs through consumer participation-type campaign, communication that attracts consumers’ attention was realized, giving an advantage for future PR activities

Type of Business: Department of tourism
Service Menu: Web promotion
Objective: To distribute information on tourist destination and to attract consumers
Content of
Continually distributed information through Weibo and strengthened follower engagement
Developed Web campaign linked with Weibo API
Distributed relevant regional information by facilitating the use of Web influencers
Strategic Point: mplemented measures to spread information among consumers by planning and developing communication strategy around Weibo

Consumer & Entertainment

Type of Business: Restaurant service business
Service Menu: Short-term retainer-based PR service
Objective: To increase awareness/solicit patronage through media exposure
Content of
Launched PR activities with the reopening of restaurant for the purpose of refurbishing existing image
Acquired exposure in media for wealthy classes and implemented multiple tie-ins in free papers for Westerners.
Strategic Point: asting parties inviting major media were held on a regular basis to promote understanding of the restaurant’s selling points, which led to the acquisition of large-scaled exposures

Type of Business: Game app
Service Menu: Short-term retainer-based PR service
Objective: To increase awareness and to promote app downloads through media exposure
Content of
Implemented Web promotion that reflected the characteristics of game content
Attracted users with high affinity for games to campaign site by communicating through SNS such as Weibo from the campaign site
Obtained publicity by distributing launch releases to game related media at the same time
Strategic Point: Required app download as the condition to participate in campaign and established the campaign scheme, i.e. campaign participation = game download

Type of Business: Major airline
Service Menu: Promotional event
Objective: To raise company awareness through promotional activities
Content of
Attracted many users by providing incentive products as a bait to promote campaign participation
Viral scheme of information was built by interlocking with Weibo API and sharing campaign participation with social media
Strategic Point: By setting Weibo API, a scheme where participants attract more participants was established
More than 30,000 people participated in the two-week campaign

Fashion & Luxury

Type of Business: Eyewear brand
Service Menu: Retainer-based PR service
Objective: To build brand recognition through a highly publicized event triggered by the opening of a new store
Content of
Created fan base at the official Weibo account
Transmitted teaser information before launch by using official Weibo account as a hub to develop a sense of expectation
Carried out brand launch event, invited fashion opinion leaders to spread information through social media
Arranged tie-ins concentrating on fashion media, increased brand recognition
Strategic Point: Narrowed communication target to young generations born after 1990, and built communication plan thoroughly utilizing social media

Type of Business: Apparel brand
Service Menu: Retainer-based PR service
Objective: To build relationship with key persons of fashion media
Content of
Strengthened branding to have big feature articles published in fashion magazines
Invited influential editors of prestigious magazines to the autumn/winter new collection fashion event held overseas
Interviewed brands’ chief designer
Planned and acquired a big feature article publication at the time of the autumn/winter collection
Strategic Point: Relationships were built only with key persons of high-fashion media to strengthen brand image; as a result, the brand’s status has successfully improved in the fashion industry


Type of Business: Hair care product manufacturer
Service Menu: Short-term retainer-based PR service
Objective: To create news and increase awareness in connection with the launch of a new product
Content of
Product presentation event aimed at media & VIPs
Facilitated the use of influencers in social media and distributed news release to nationwide media including local media to give a boost before and after the event
Cast Japanese/Chinese celebrities for the event and arranged media interviews
Strategic Point: A keyword that attracts attention both in Japan and China was decided, followed by an audition event with the keyword as the theme held in China utilizing social media. It was topicalized as mutual content in Japan and in China, succeeding in obtaining maximizing exposure.

Retail Distribution

Type of Business: Distribution
Service Menu: Short-term retainer-based PR service
Objective: To provide topical gimmick and to increase awareness through media with the opening of a character store
Content of
Gained publicity by holding a media press conference
Realized large-scaled exposure in an information program through TV tie-up promotion, which led to attracting customers to the store
Encouraged influencers of Japanese culture to distribute information through social media
Strategic Point: Narrowed and concentrated exposure to mass media with immediacy such as television and newspapers which led to the success of increasing awareness widely and directly, thus attracting customers


Type of Business: Camera manufacturer
Service Menu: Short-term retainer-based PR service
Objective: To improve awareness through campaign activity utilizing new product’s selfie function
Content of
Created fans among young adult segment by concentrating on social media communication
Obtained publicity on Web media by distributing product launch news release
Encouraged fashion opinion leaders to post selfie pictures and comments on Weibo
Implemented selfie photo posting event, exposed event announcement news on web media
Made content out of contest event and transmitted information through social media to create news
Strategic Point: Created fan base by continuously implementing Weibo media-driven communication during the campaign duration to directly communicate to the target group (young generations born in the 1980s and 1990s)

Type of Business: Camera manufacturer
Service Menu: Promotional event
Objective: To improve corporate image through promotional activity
Content of
Provided highly topical content at the real-life event to directly communicate image to consumers
Succeeded in spreading information virally among general users by including social media-attracting points in event content
Invited Web influencers to the event to accelerate information diffusion
Strategic Point: By implementing event and developing content that attracts general users, a scheme where information naturally spreads on social media was built, succeeding in communicating corporate image to many consumers