PR Agency | Vector Inc. (Vector Group ) | Mission Statement

Client First

Our mission it to provide outstanding media communication services keeping in mind the objectives and challenges faced by our clients. We fully understand that success of our business comes from our contribution to clients. Our top priority is to provide the highest level of service, and a relationship of mutual trust in long term with out client. Our contribution to our clients will result in our growth. We aim to become number one when it comes to customer service. We should respect the requirements of all our clients, and strive to provide service that will he highly regarded by them.

Innovation and Creativity

We must strive to find better solution for the problems faced by our clients. While assessing the requirements of our clients, we always remain innovative, and strive to provide cutting edge and highest levels of service to our clients. A growing company should actively change itself according to times, and should always strive to innovate. We know that maintaining status quo essentially leads to shakeout. Moreover, we recognize that PR activities are extremely innovative and creative activities. Rather than merely completing the tasks assigned, we should always think about clients, leverage our innovation skills, and find answers to various problems.


We should have an awareness of professional, should commit ourselves for continuous improvement of quality through self-study, providing the highest level of service to our clients. Committed to developing a service that is in line with the constantly changing times, its spirit of innovation, and pride ourselves on creativity and quality.

Pride as a leading company

As a company that offers the highest level of media communication services, we aim to become a leading company that can take pride of its presence in Asia and all over the world. All employees shall engage in day to day activities with this pride.

Profitability and Long-term business operations

We must generate suitable profits from business. All employees should be very cost conscious, and should aim to become an efficient company by eliminating unnecessary costs in order to secure a leading position in the industry regarding profitability. In addition, instead of getting biased by only short term profitability, it is necessary to conduct business operations keeping an eye on long term growth and profitability. Company's mission is to remain highly profitable company, and maintain sound business foundation over long period of time.

Managerial Consciousness

We all should perform our duties with sense of ownership. We shall treat the challenges faced at the company as our own problems, reward those people who achieved extraordinary things for the company, and every individual employee shall have the sense of ownership for company's goals and objectives.


We acclaim that act of bringing out leadership skills. A capable leader who is aware about his goals is essential and inevitable for long term growth of the company. For the staff members who show leadership traits are provided appropriate training, and climb up the corporate ladder reaching suitable positions. Also, each leader forms a cooperative mechanism for achieving long-term goals of the company.


While giving serious consideration to individual excellence, we shall have equal or even more respect for team work. While maintaining healthy and friendly competition between team, instead of getting bogged down by sectionalism, we shall create a structure of mutual cooperation as one company.

Human Resources

Media communication business is not possible with excellent human resources. We shall strive to create a company will be able to attract talented human resources by providing extraordinary environment to them in all areas including individual growth, self expression, interpersonal relationship, as well as compensation. Moreover, we shall provide the most exciting but comfortable and rewarding work place to all the employees. We shall strive to find out and pick up the best talent available in the market.

New Business Development

We shall continue to invest a certain proportion of profits into new business, and shall always strive to secure new sources of income and profits. For new businesses, we shall target business areas that would be natural extension of "promoting the products". We shall not venture out in any other business areas except where we have expertise and capabilities.

Integrity and Honesty

We adequately understand the significance of the impact of work that we are engaged into, and shall always strive to act with high morals. Integrity and honesty forms the core of business and communication business can not be successful with excellent personal qualities.

Social Contribution

We will engage into social contribution activities by leverage our skills to the maximum extent possible. Undertake company wide project of engaging into valuable and realistic social contribution activities for various social problem.

Education and Environment

In order to strive for providing appropriate internal education and friendly working environment, we shall aim for growth while increasing the motivation of employees. We shall share profits, respect individual's characteristics, opinion and capabilities, and strive to create an environment where one can freely exchange opinion. Moreover, we shall emphasize quality, integrity, fairness, sincerity, innovativeness, diversity, cooperativeness, and achievement, and provide a fair opportunity of career progression to all employees.