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CEO Vector Inc.

Thank you for visiting the website of vector Inc. As "professionals of product promotion", we are a large Japanese PR company offering the service of including company message in "News" released by media to our clients.
Previously, mass media advertising had reigned on top of publicity medium. However, in recent years, the clouds have begun to gather over mass media advertising. The rapid proliferation of the Internet has resulted in media as well as increase in amount of information. Therefore, today people have to select from the myriad of information. Consumers now rely more on information disseminated by third parties rather than company's advertising. As a result, people's interest in advertising is losing steaming and gradually declining. Marketing professionals have also started looking at other forms of advertising the
mass media advertising, and they are also exploring other effective approaches.
Against this backdrop, use of PR in marketing is currently attracting lot of attention. People have discovered again that appearance in media is extremely beneficial for improving recognition and branding, and it now recognized that PR may play a different role that advertising. Need of PR as a way of generating publicity has been gradually increasing.
PR activities where the company can promote the message they want as a part of objective "News" published by media, does not required large expense. Moreover, since this information is released by a third party other than the company which is advertising, this information is considered to be more reliable. In addition, this information is actively absorbed by viewers on their own, which results in effective information dissemination.

As marketing professionals, who are expert in the field other than mass media advertising, we have been able to make valuable contributions to our clients. As mentioned earlier, although PR market has expanded due to the need of today's era, without getting biased by conventional methods, we always adapted ourselves to the changing times, which has helped us in continuously growing as a PR company by supporting our clients in planning and implementing various initiatives.
Although advertising techniques are changing with the times, requirement of companies to "promote their products", or consumer's desire "to know" is still there, regardless of the time. This is where we can meet your marketing requirements. While contributing to both media and clients, our activities will continue to have favorable effect on the society. We derive our motivation from the feeling and "joy" of being useful to the society.
Our future aim is to become "No. 1 in Asia" by further increasing quality and scale of our PR business, which will propel the company in a completely different growth trajectory. As a part of this objective, by actively launching new services with digital contents, e.g. on facebook, we would like to increase the importance of our presence as "professional of product promotion".

We look forward to your continuous support and patronage.

Keiji Nishie

President of Vectors

Director Message

Global director of Vector Inc.

Nowadays, Japanese companies’ needs to expand into China and Southeast Asia, has dramatically increased. Since the economic growth of Japan is becoming dull, many companies are expanding into Southeast Asia. The field is becoming an important market not for the manufacturing base for big enterprises, but for their expanding growth strategy.
However, the regions have different commercial customs and culture, and very few companies are turning their ideal business development and success into reality. There are many tasks to solve.

Moreover, concerning the communication concept “Public Relations”, we think that PR strategy planning and certain execution is very important, since every country has different media environment.

Starting with our extend to Chinese market in 2010, our company was the first Japanese PR company to advance into the Southeast Asian region. We are strengthening human resource development and various PR services to establish being the top PR company in Asia.

From now on, as we develop PR contents and methods suitable for each country, we will effort to solve our client company’s problems, and contribute to the growth for Asian countries.

Hajime Hasegawa

Global director