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PR Agency | Vector Inc. (Vector Group ) | Company Profile

Name : Vector Group Ltd.
Head Office : METROPOLIS Bldg, Unit 1804 (18th Floor) 725 Sukhumvit Rd.
Klongton Nua Wattana Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel : +66-2-045-5164
Established : 2014/3/18
Capital : 4,000,000 THB
Shareholders : Vector Group International Limited (49%)
AMJ (26%)
Surapas Praphaporn(25%)

Business :

  • PR Events
  • Press Tours
  • Public Relations with Mass Media
  • WEB PR
  • SNS PR
  • Promotional Planning
  • Strategic PR
  • Overseas Expansion Consulting

Executive Staff :

  • Keiji Nishie
  • Daisuke Kusaba
  • Takeshi Aoyama
  • Jin Matsumoto
  • Surapas Praphaporn


Amongst the countries of Southeast Asia, Thailand stands out for its achievement of steady economic growth. Besides the impressive strides made by Thai corporations, many overseas companies (including Japanese firms) have been expanding their presence in Thailand, drawn by the country's advantageous geographical location. Viewed in terms of industry sectors, if the period in which large numbers of manufacturing firms were positioning Thailand as an important manufacturing location in Southeast Asia is seen as the first "Thai boom," then today can be seen as a "Second Thai Boom" in which growing numbers of overseas companies have come to view Thailand as an important strategic market for retail and other service businesses.

With the overall level of product and service quality rising across many industry sectors, while at the same time the competition in the Thai market is growing increasingly intense, in the future it will be ever more important for firms seeking to develop the Thai market to have a detailed, carefully thought-out marketing strategy in place.

Vector provides comprehensive support to help client companies seeking to take advantage of this advantageous situation to overcome their marketing challenges, offering services that embody Japanese-style attention to detail and the ability to formulate effective proposals. Vector leverages the strategic PR knowhow that it has built up over the years in Japan to implement ePR (focusing on the formulation of effective communication strategies for digital media, which are particularly important in Thailand), integrating this with sPR oriented towards effective, real communication that relates directly to particular brands and products, providing a total solution that supports the putting in place of the framework needed for effective marketing promotion.


Vector’s services in Asia Armed with know-how cultivated in Japan, we offer a service menu similar to that of Japan.
We are responding to our clients’ needs with our wide range of services.

PR Events

In APEC where many mass media exist and each country develops in different ways, it is extremely important to implement an event, invite press to the event, and obtain media coverage.
We are affiliated with local companies to plan and organize various events, and at the same time handle from media invitation to follow-up to create more news.
We can also handle activities in the form of caravans, where we implement PR events in multiple cities.

Press Tours

In each area in APEC where domestic companies/brands tend to be appreciated, it is essential to arrange an opportunity for the press to actually touch and experience the products/services to receive favorable treatment. We will handle all press tour-related activities including the planning of attractive press tours that the press would love to participate in, the negotiation with media using our networks with each medium, on site correspondence, and follow-up.

Public Relations with Mass Media

We will select media candidate for exposure, draw up a press release, and negotiate/follow up exposure in view of the characteristics of the target city and our clients’ products/services.
We have relationships with local media in each major city in APEC, which allow us to obtain article exposure and news coverage in large areas.
You can choose what best suits your needs; whether it be a package with exposure in overall mass media or a contract specializing in specific media.


We will have your news widely covered in major portal sites and news sites in APEC area.
Our company has relationships with local major websites, which allow us to encourage a wide range of web media to cover your information.
Web advertising services are also available including audience targeting ads and retargeting ads where users interested in your content are attracted to your website via listing ads.


Online word-of-mouth measures which are essential in several area mainly among the young adult segment will be planned and executed.
We provide effective plans of not only portal sites but also the mixture of various online message boards, blogs, SNS, and video sites.
Events featuring popular local bloggers are feasible.

Promotional Planning

We will plan and execute promotional activities to boost awareness of your services/products. By especially planning promotion linked to social media, a scheme where information is passed on from one person to another will be established, fostering word-of-mouth communication on social media.

Strategic PR

As in Japan, “strategic PR” is beginning to spread in APEC area. Strategic PR means to develop a word most likely to create news and to spread it out to multiple media.
Just like we do in Japan, we develop information based on the characteristics of our clients’ products/services and select suitable media that match them.

Overseas Expansion Consulting

We provide comprehensive support service including marketing research, business plan formulation, and company formation.
Our local network will provide you with various business matching and recruitment services so you can get your business up and running faster.