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Without action, you can’t achieve anything.And when it comes to choosing between acting first and thinking later, or thinking first and acting later, it's pretty clear what the answer is.Vector is a company that takes action!

Cool passion

Being passionate.
Recognizing the importance of fiery enthusiasm.
After all, nobody wants to eat cold pizza.
However, you have to be careful not to get carried away.
What we value above all is “cool passion.”

Clear objectives

Having goals.
Realizing the importance of clear objectives.
And then getting on with it.
Achieving a state of calm purposefulness
that produces results.
We know what the key to success is.

A venturesome spirit

We value an adventurous, go-getting attitude.Our company got where it is todayby maintaining this kind of spirit.The thrill of creating something from nothing – Let’s enjoy it together!We refuse to succumb to the problems that usually affect large enterprises.


Getting our work done in a simple, straightforward way.Human beings have a tendency to overcomplicate things.Successful people know when to keep things simple.That’s the way we want to live our lives too!


Developing revolutionary, original services.
Vector respects what people want to do.
Using the “10% rule,”
we are able to develop innovative new services.
We are at the forefront of a revolution in the
advertising industry.

Think straight, talk straight

Although it is obvious, it is difficult to do.
Common sense is not common! Most of the
interpersonal relationship issues can be solved
with this. Read this if you feel like complaining or cribbing. If it is difficult for you to say,
then just keep quite. One has to create products on his own.


Become familiar to this work like crazy.
Reaffirm yourself and work hard everydaywith rock solid confidence. Connect to a major power and lead the world.This is what a professional does.

Total and Beautiful

Enjoy work as well as life.
Targets are important; however, realize that it is equally important to enjoy the present moment. Total and beautiful life! What an excellent phrase!


Realize the great power flowing through world
and connect to it. If we can do that, things will
start happening. As a method to do this,
meditation is quite good. Keeping a balance
between both action and calmness.


Being honest is the single most important thing. This is the most important thing for growing at work. You can sail through any difficult situation with honesty.
Being honest is perhaps one of the secrets of
becoming happy. Live honestly. It appears simple, but its meaning is deep.

Adverse circumstances

They are certainly agonizing.
However, they also pass away. Wise people say,
adverse circumstances are always there before a large success. If you have latitude to find a source of profits at that point in time,
You might have learnt the secret trick of success.

Pay it forward

First of all, just go for it. Anyone will go out and try. This feeling is understandable.
First of all, let us understand what we are going after. Seems things start from coming across the cycle of fortune. It is paradoxical.


What are we aiming for?
This is a dream term that includes various things and response to the question above in a very simple manner.